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Short Notes

Here are notes that I've written on a variety of topics, mostly on graphics and geometry.

  1. PNPOLY - Point Inclusion in Polygon Test - Expansion of my comp.graphics.algorithms FAQ answer on testing whether a point is contained in a polygon, including convex polygons and planar polygons in 3D.

  2. Experiments in Rational Approximation of Functions.

  3. 3D rotations, e.g., converting between axis-angle, vector, and matrix forms, and doing rotations in Maple.

  4. 4D rotations. Why is there never an axis of rotation?

  5. Testing whether a point is contained in a polyhedron.

  6. Finding the area of a polygon.

  7. Finding the volume of a polyhedron.

  8. Differences Between 2D and 3D in Geometry.

  9. Comment on Application Challenges to Computational Geometry , 13 Jul 96.

  10. Quaternion References
  11. Approximating a smooth function like arcsin with a rational function, (1999).

  12. Terrain compression experiments, (1998).

  13. Terrain visibility strategy, (1999).

  14. NTSC (and other) TV formats.

  15. Perspective projection & homogeneous coordinates.

  16. Bresenham Line and Circle Drawing.

  17. Two Filling Algorithms (Polygon Fill and Seed Fill).

  18. Volume of the Intersection of Convex Polyhedra.