NOTE: this page is obsolete. It is kept only because it might have something interesting, and because some subdirs are current. Go to my home page for current stuff. Home > Research


1. Intro

My research has several levels:

Various programs that I've written over the past 35 years, which may be useful to others, are available on this site. Note that they are research-quality, not commercial-quality, code. For maximum availability, when feasible, I avoid building on proprietary software and operating systems.

Portions of this material are based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants ENG-7908139, ECS-8021504, ECS-8351942, CCF-9102553, and CCF-0306502, and by IBM, Sun Microsystems, and Schlumberger--Doll Research.

The research categories also list my papers and talks and other public material. These are often early versions of my papers, not images of the published versions. The text and figures are here, but the pagination is different. The format is either PDF or HTML. Please contact me for any paper whose full text is not linked here. They also list public organizational material, such as planning documents and solicitations, in which I had significant input. Some papers are listed under more than one category.

2. Hilites

3. Talk Formats

Many recent talks are written in HTML. They are intended to be displayed in full-screen mode, probably in Opera, where each <h1> header starts a new screen. In normal mode, the sections run together, which is convenient for reading and printing. Other talks are written in LaTeX and presented in PDF.