CG HW1 addendum

Here is a more detailed description of the homework 1 square question. This assumes that your are using RCS as the web server. (You are free to use another web server.)

  1. Assume that your RCSID is STUDENT. In the following, replace STUDENT with your RCSID.
  2. From an RPI windows machine, click the AFS RPI icon create a share with your RCS files.
  3. Go into public_html.
  4. Create a folder called homeworks.

#. Copy the folder into homeworks.

  1. Create a subfolder hw1 under homeworks.
  2. Copy files and into that folder.
  3. Change them to answer the homework.
  4. Look at your answer by browsing to

When you've solved that question:

  1. Put your answers to all the homework questions in some file, even on your own PC.

    Include listing for the files you changed for square.

    Mention the URL to access your modified square, e.g.,

  2. Upload that file of answers to LMS.

Shama Kollya, kollysATrpiDOTedu, the TA, will be glad to help with any problems.