CG Lecture 18, Mon 2016-10-17

  1. The final exam is Wednesday, 12/14, 11:30-2:30.

  2. Last Thursday's midterm exam is online.

  3. The following iclickers are being used in class, but have not been registered:

    #38AB7FEC #39C8E415 #3B96FF52 #3BAA0594 #3BC29861 #3BE21EC7 #42221F7F #429E3BE7

    Please register them to get credit.

    I emailed all students who are on the classlist but have no iclicker registered for their name. That is a longer list, which suggests that some students on the classlist have not registered and also are not iclicking.

  4. This Wed: lecture.

  5. Today: review homogeneous coords, projections.

  6. Slide set 3 and on from chap 6