CG Lecture 33, Thu 2016-12-1

  1. Handwritten notes from 11/30.

  2. That project I was on about levee modeling in a centrifuge with a kinect got into Inside Rensselaer.

    My personal view on the New Orleans levee failure: Officials in New Orleans didn't believe that anything that bad would actually happen. So there was an official state disaster preparation exercise the year before showing the possibility, but who believes these things? Some towns across the river did. They maintained their levees on their own w/o waiting for assistance. They didn't make the news (because they weren't flooded).

  3. Next Monday will be a review.

  4. Next Wed I will present no material. This will be an optional session for you to ask me questions.

    However, does anyone want more new material? Well, I'm a professor and I do like talking.

  5. Next Thurs, Shama will show the 2-minute videos that you sent her.

  6. 15_3 What's next?.

  7. Examples of computations with ray tracing.

    1. Intersect the parametric line x=y=z=t with the plane x+y+z=1.
    2. Intersect that line with the plane z=0.
    3. Reflect that line off the plane. The line is coming from above.
    4. Intersect that line with the sphere \((x-5)^2+(y-5)^2+z^2=1\).
    5. Intersect that line with the sphere \((x-5)^2+(y-5)^2+(z-5)^2=1\).
  8. Radiosity sample computation. The scene is two parallel planes. Each plane reflects 50% of the incoming light onto the other plane. The first plane is also emitting one unit of light.

  9. Maya 2015 - Basic NURBS Shaping.

  10. Constructive Solid Geometry - Friday Minis 142 .

  11. More detail on the programs drawing the Utah teapot.