IED Class 19, Thu Mar 30

  1. Next week is a show-and-tell for the informal subsystem demos.

  2. We will do that in class on Thurs.

    If you cannot do it in the classroom, tell me soon. We may have to have that demo on Mon.

  3. The demos will be graded according to team_project_MS_2_demonstration_rubric.

  4. Each team please fill this form out, including how you want to be evaluated, and email it to me for Monday.

  5. There will be no formal grade next week, but you will use this as part of your final report.

  6. Teams typically have problems with the following:

    1. Creating a metric for each subsystem.
    2. Creating a test for each subsystem to show that it meets the metric.
  7. I may make comments to improve it.

  8. Other than that, Mon is a work day.