Fall 2020

  1. ECSE-4964 Quantum Computer Programming, CRN 30195 (new course). Preliminary syllabus.
  2. ECSE-4750 Computer Graphics is cancelled. I first taught this course in Fall 1982 (although I gave occasional guest lectures as early as Fall 1979). After 38 years, it's time for a change.

Spring 2020

  1. ECSE-2500 Engineering Probability, CRN 93683, MR4-5:20, DARRIN 337
  2. ECSE-4740 Applied Parallel Computing for Engineers, CRN 94829, MR12-1:20, JONSSN 4107


  1. ENGR-2050-07 IED F2017
  2. ECSE-4750 and 6964-01 Computer Graphics F2017
  3. More courses,
  4. Teaching Techniques (2016).

Office hours

  1. After almost every class, I stay as long as there are questions. Other people are also welcome to catch me then. I also sign forms at the start of class.
  2. Otherwise, email to discuss another time. Mon and Thurs afternoons and some Wed afternoons are best.
  3. If you me a PDF of the form; I'll email back a PDF of the signed form.