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Due Nov 8 in lab.

  1. What is the difference between Gouraud and Phong shading?
  2. Can Gouraud shading produce a highlight in the interior of a face?
  3. Can Phong shading produce a highlight in the interior of a face?
  4. Is Gouraud shading faster than Phong?
  5. Can the standard OpenGL pipeline easily handle light scattering from object to object?
  6. How did Phong model surfaces of different shininess? I.e., what changed in his equation?
  7. Why does OpenGL requires you explicitly to enable shading, instead of having it on all the time?
  8. Draw or describe a set of 3 polygons that the painters algorithm cannot handle, w/o cutting one of the polygons into two pieces.
  9. What's the big advantage of the binary space partitioning algorithm?
  10. Draw a polygon that will be cut into two parts when clipped.
  11. How many stages of the pipeline are used for 3D clipping in the SGI Geometry Engine?
  12. What's different about a spot light (compared to a nonspot light)?
  13. Do the Bresenham line algorithm for a line from (0,0) to (11,7).
  14. Do the Bresenham circle algorithm for a circle of radius 20.
  15. Hand in a progress report on the term project.

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