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Due in class October 30

Experiment with different configurations to see how changing the parameters change the appearance.

Basic implementations include:

  1. Create at least two 3D objects:
  2. Give the objects material properties and add one light to the scene.
  3. Allow the user to change the material properties of the object and the properties of the light. Be creative.

then add

  1. Multiple lights
  2. Moving lights

Demonstrate your program to Jon next Wed, and also get help with the coding. Alternatively, hand in sufficient screen dumps to show your program.


  1. Source files
  2. A readme file with the following information:
    1. A brief description of the 3D object and how you generated the normals.
    2. A few observations on what happened when the parameters of lighting and material are changed.
    3. Instructions on the user interface.
    4. Cite the code borrowed elsewhere.
    5. Either a demo or screendumps.

Grading will based on your 3D objects, multiple lights and moving lights, change of material properties

Sample code:

  1. colormat.c: using glColorMaterial() to change material paramenters
  2. light.c: A sphere is drawn using a grey material characteristic. A single light source illuminates the object.
  3. movelight.c: Modeling a light with Modeling Transformations
  4. material.c: Several objects are drawn using different material characteristics. A single light source illuminates the objects.