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Homework 1, due Wed Sep 4

Hand in your solution on RPILMS. Each team should submit their solution under only 1 student's name. The other student's submission should just name the lead student. (This makes it easier for us to avoid grading it twice.)

  1. (4 pts) One graphics pioneer was Martin Newell. Name an influential object that he created and an influential algorithm that he helped create.
  2. (4) Consider these 3-D vectors: A=(0,1,2), B=(5,4,6), C=(8,7,9). Compute:
    1. A.BxC
    2. AxB.C
  3. (4) (This is another a test of your linear algebra knowledge. Feel free to refer to books to find the correct formulae.)
    Suppose that we have a plane in 3-D thru the points A(1,2,3), B(2,2,0), and C(0,1,1).
    1. What is its equation, in the form ax+by+cz+d=0?
    2. Consider the line L thru the points O(0,0,0) and P(1,1,1). Where does this line intersect the plane?
  4. (20) (This will test your programming skills.) libqglviewer 'is a C++ library based on Qt that eases the creation of OpenGL 3D viewers.'
    1. Download and install it on your favorite computer.
    2. Compile the simpleViewer example.
    3. Then change something in the simpleViewer source code that has a visible effect.
    4. Hand in a screen copy.

(Total: 32 points.)