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Homework 3, due Wed Sept 18, 2013

Hand in your solution on RPILMS. Each team should submit their solution under only 1 student's name. The other student's submission should just name the lead student. (This makes it easier for us to avoid grading it twice.) For programming exercises, hand in code and screen dumps. We won't run your code, but will use the screendumps to judge how it worked.

  1. (20 pts) Modify canvas.cpp to make it a more complete drawing program.
    1. (5) Add an option to the permanent menu to draw triangles, by clicking the 3 vertices.
    2. (5) Add an option to draw circles, by selecting the center and a point on the circle.
    3. (10) Add a popup menu item to select the color of future objects. Color should be a new choice on the main menu. It should popup a submenu listing several colors. The color that you pick will need to be stored with each future object to use when the objects are redrawn.
    You can modify the standalone canvas.cpp; you don't need to put it inside Qglviewer.
    Hand in the code, and a screendump showing that those new features work.
  2. Dr Chandra Narayanaswami, PhD, ECSE, is another successful RPI graduate in a topic related to computer graphics. He is now Manager, Wearable Computing, IBM TJ Watson Research Center. Many years ago, he directed the Linux on a wristwatch project.
    1. (1) Who was his PhD advisor at RPI?
    2. (1) What was his topic?
    3. (8) Pick one of his many patents, ideally one relating to graphics, and summarize it in 100 words.

(Total: 30 points.)